The client-designer relationship is usually underestimated. This is a terrible mistake since it is precisely in this point where the success and failure of the design lies. Design requires the client's participation, the client's interrelation with the designer and, if they do not understand each other, the design fails. Let's see four common mistakes that must be avoided.

  • Designer client: The client must never design but inform and communicate with the designer so that he creates the design the client wants. The one hiring the designer must only provide ideas, accept or reject sketches and proposals of the designer, and give indications on those proposals so that they can turn into the expected result.
  • Arrogant designer: When the designer does not listen to the client because he considers he does not have the necessary knowledge to give an opinion, this is a big mistake. The client is not usually a design expert and it is exactly due to this that he hires somebody ?the designer has to listen attentively to the client and together find what the client is looking for, help him and give him ideas.
  • Imprecise client: The client must not tell the designer to invent something, but he has to bring ideas and concepts which he wishes the designer to transform into graphic objects. Tell the designer to do as he pleases is a mistake, unless you are willing to accept what he says without restrictions.
  • Insecure designer: When the designer cannot work without the client giving him constant indications, the work is not going well. Be it due to an insecure designer or to a client that is always on the designer's back, any case is a bad one. The designer needs to have room for liberty, creation, invention and creativity ?that is the reason why he is hired.

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