The brochure is all the advertising stationery that makes up the corporate identity group. Some of the most known examples of brochures are leaflets, the three-fold and two-fold ones, presentation folders, catalogs and, if you wish to be flexible in this category, business cards. Brochure's power lies on two basic points, which you should bear in mind when designing them ?on the one hand, visual consistency and, on the other, materiality and immediacy.

Visual consistency: Brochures are immersed in the corporate identity group, which is headed by the corporate logo and followed by the website. It is highly important that it is a homogenous group, a consistent one, where all design concepts, the color shades and combinations are respected, etc. and, being the brochure a complementary element to the logo and the website, stationery will have to adjust to the parameters fixed by the other two. No way can advertising stationery opt for something that is no consistent with the main design elements because, if it does, it will not be recognized as part of the company and it will become a waste of time and money.

Materiality and immediacy: They are two distinctive features of brochures. Materiality is clear if a three-fold leaflet is contrasted with a logo; the three-fold leaflet is done with paper whereas the logo is a concept ?or, at least, it is not always shown in paper. The capacity of the brochure to be held in hands by the recipient gives it different possibilities to interact with him; something other types lack. For example, the brochure adds design the sense of touch ?a building company will want its brochures to be printed on a thick and rough paper which shows strength and robustness. And it is not only this, people relate differently to material things as opposed to conceptual objects such as the logo or the website ?people take the leaflets home, share it, keep it in a place they know they are going to visit. Thus, the effect it has is very interesting ?it turns into an ad which the potential client will see when he is ready to buy and your company will be there to offer him what he is looking for.

Immediacy is simpler and it is related to materiality. When you receive a leaflet in the street you have no other choice but to take it and look down; the leaflet surprises you, you did not expect it. That is its power. Of course, it can also bother the recipient, but in those cases when the effect is positive, it can be really helpful that any pedestrian takes any ad from a company or that somebody who is waiting to be attended checks out the informative three-fold leaflet of one of your products.

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